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International Seminar on Early Childhood and Armed Conflict

The International Seminar on Early Childhood and Armed Conflict took place successfully during the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of August with the teams from CINDE, Early Years from Northern Ireland and the Peace Initiative Institute, Pii from Boulder, Colorado, USA.


50 Most Talented Social Innovators

Our founder Marta Arango Montoya, presented like one of the 50 Most Talented Social Innovators... Congratulations!!!


¡Merry Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015!

The CINDE Foundation wishes you a Merry Christmas and...


Colombia: Social Entrepreneur Marta Arango

For many people in Latin America, education is unaffordable. In Colombia, nearly three million children don't attend school. Children from poor families are often excluded from good schooling. That's where Marta Arango's...

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CINDE´s web page in English includes only partially the information contained in our Spanish version and it was prepared to give our viewers the basic information about our Institution. 


Early Childhood in Focus 4


Colombia: Protecting Early Childhood from Violence

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